27th December 2016

Apple or Microsoft? Which one you should choose?

There are a million choices when it comes to purchasing a computer, but the first one to address is key – Apple or Microsoft? Both operating systems offer a multitude of options and benefits, but it really comes down to specific preference and use. What works for a graphic designer might not be best for a heavy gamer. A family that primarily uses their computer to check email and do homework may not want superior graphic display. It comes down to an evaluation of personal needs.

The primary concern for many is cost, and Microsoft Windows computers (PC) can be found at a much cheaper base price than Apples. The smallest MacBook Air starts at £749 and some machines can quickly reach the thousands. Base models come with very few bells and whistles, and upgrades and repairs can also add up fast. A basic PC laptop can be purchased for just under £300, although they too can be found in the thousands depending on hardware and loaded software packages. Also take into consideration software a consumer may need to also purchase such as the Microsoft Office Suite. If price point is the purchaser’s biggest concern, PCs come out on top.

Security should also be a main concern for many users, and there Apple wins. PCs are much more common and therefore more targeted by malware and viruses. Apple computers are considered more secure and do not require additional software for monitoring.

Usability is key no matter what kind of computer you have. Apple systems are considered to be more streamlined and easier to navigate, but there is a learning curve if the consumer has been a lifelong Windows user. PCs tend to experience more crashing and issues, due mostly to the complicated operating system and the various device drivers required.

Quality can vary greatly when it comes to PCs. Certified Apple computers come from the same place and are held to the same standards. There are more budget friendly PCs and as a result the construction standards of the hardware can be lower.

There is much more software available for Microsoft systems. Apple has increased offerings greatly in the past decade, but if a specific program is required the consumer should check which system it operates on. Apple computers are considered superior in graphic design and education software, but PCs offer more games and general programs. Often times new programs are available for PC long before Apple.

IT Support is offered for both types of machines. Phone and store support is available, but Apple tends to be more expensive since support is offered at fewer places. Since PCs are more commonplace, consumers can find a variety of support options and places. Apple and some PCs do offer service warranties for a time period for an additional charge.

Apple may look to to be on top of the market with its commercials, trendy spokespeople and additional products like the iPhone, but do not discount Microsoft. As most widely used product, they offer more programs and syncing with these additional apple products. The choice should come down to price, use and personal preference. Head to a local store with a list of needs in hand. Try both products, see what best fits. However I’d recommend buying from a Apple themselves or if you choose Microsoft buy online or get someone like us to build a custom built computer for you.

If you’re thinking of getting a new computer soon and would like some advice on which one to go for, feel free to get in touch.