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Slow PC
27th December 2016

Is your computer Slow?

If a PC is plagued by bloatware, viruses, malware, or an overabundance of programs is draining the speed of the processor, I’ll have the solution. By offering repair services to alleviate slow computer processing, slow computer help is only a few clicks away.

If a computer is running at less than optimal speeds, the first defence may be to reboot the PC. However, if a reboot does not solve the problem, there are additional steps to restore a slow computer. Any programs operating in the background are utilising memory and the central processing unit (CPU), thus slowing the operating speed of the PC.

While scans are in progress, programs such as anti-virus software, spyware protection, or other security software can often decrease the functionality of the computer. Yet, sometimes scanning for spyware and malware may be able to combat the issues of a slow running computer. scanning and removing any viruses found on a personal computer may help.

A PC could also be slow due to the hard drive. A lack of hard drive space, as well as a bad, corrupt, or fragmented hard drive, could be a possible cause of slow processor speeds. The hard drive can be cleaned or upgraded if less than 200-500 MB of free space is available. The user could remove any old games, files, or programs from the PC, delete temporary files, or even run a disk clean up. If these options do not help, running a systems Defrag or ScanDisk may verify that the data is arranged in the ideal order, and that there are no physical malfunctions with the computer’s hard drive.

Additional problems that could be the cause of a slow PC are hardware conflicts, out of date drivers or operating systems, low memory (RAM), or even the overheating of the computer or processor. Upgrading RAM to at least 2GB for a 32-bit system and 4GB for 64-bit system may require my help. However, changing to the latest Windows operating system or cleaning the air vents and fans of the computer are simple at-home changes that could be done by yourself. For hardware and driver issues, I can help.

After trying all possible solutions and still struggling with a slow computer, It’s time to give me a call. Leave the hassle and worry to the professionals; there is no reason a computer should not be running at optimal speeds and I can certainly help you with that.

Office 365 Logo
27th December 2016

Pros and Cons of Office 365

Are you needing a new office suite? I guess you’ve looked at what’s out there and come across office 365. Now your asking yourself Should I buy Office 365?

Office 365 is the cloud version of Microsoft Office which allows users to use Office without the need of installation discs. Setting up an account and downloading the necessary files are performed through the Internet. Office runs on Windows 7 or Windows 8 and OS X 10.6 for Mac. The subscription is managed once a month through the Internet and a compatible browser which includes Chrome 18, Safari 5, IE 9 or Firefox 12.

Considering upgrades and licenses, Office is less expensive than the desktop version of Office. This is especially true when upgrades to new versions are done frequently. Upgrades are also up-to-date to enable users to have access to the latest version.

Although there are applications such as Web Apps which can be used for free, their functions are often limited to basic formatting and editing. Thus, they cannot serve as alternatives. Since it is flexible and follows an on-demand payment model, users have to pay only for what they have used. However, there are also software limitations. For instance, there is rate limit with the recipients who will be receiving emails for the day. The number of recipients range from 1,500 to 10,000 depending on the type of subscription.

With a user-friendly web interface, it becomes easier to navigate through Office. Emails are also hosted through the cloud, saving the user the additional expenses for licensing and maintenance. However, the hosting of emails in cloud does not allow customization and the configuration becomes less flexible. Therefore, it is necessary for the user to know how the web versions of SharePoint, Lync and Exchange work.

Because subscription to Office comes with 27 GB storage in SkyDrive, storing files becomes simpler and files become more accessible. Subscribing also offers users free website hosting and free 60-minute landline calls through Skype every month.

There is also an easier access to files through the web versions of various Microsoft programs such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word and OneNote. Users only need an Internet connection to validate their subscription every 30 days. Files can also be opened in different platforms including Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

The storage of data on Microsoft’s servers may not sound appealing to businesses keeping private data. However, the security of private data can be ensured through the financial options offered by Microsoft.

Office 365 is ideal for people who are working in different locations due to ease of data accessibility and IT support. The pros and cons should be considered before switching from any other program. Office 365 can be as low as £60 per year for 5 users. It basic terms it works exactly the same as a standard office suite but you have the most up to date software and will need a internet connection once a month to keep it validated.

If you still have questions on office 365 give us a call and we can clear things up for you.

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