27th December 2016

What are Viruses/Malware?

Malware is an umbrella term for different malicious software such as viruses, fake security software, spyware, adware, and browser hijacking software. Malware can send your personal information to third parties without your knowledge, and it can also cause your browser to stop responding or to close unexpectedly. With all the new toolbars brought about by the malware, the browser becomes unstable, resulting in frequent browser crashes.

In addition to crashes, malware can cause an overall poor performance of your devices. Laptops and desktop computers can take longer, and then the device usually stops responding while in use. Sometimes, the internet connection encounters problems, such as stopping unexpectedly; there are also problems with the applications, especially security programs. After awhile, It becomes difficult, and frustrating, to try and adjust configuration options and system settings when they are not available at all.

If you’re looking for signs of malware affecting your device, advertisements popping up even if the browser is closed are good indications. Other indications can include the browser automatically opening just to display ads, or when opening new pages, or looking at a page’s search results.

Viruses, on the other hand, are the most commonly known type of malware. They can erase the files in your computer or worse, they can hijack your system and use it to send spam, share illegal content, or even attack other systems. There are different types of viruses; some of them can be easily detected and blocked by antivirus programs, but there are some that are difficult to detect and can infect your system.

Examples of the recent viruses are Cryptolocker and Gameover Zeus. Cryptolocker puts code into your files and asks you to pay around £100 to £1000 so you can decrypt your files, while Gameover Zeus accesses your banking details and other valuable information.

Malware and viruses get into the system through drive-by downloads. Suspicious websites are the primary sources of viruses, while attachments from suspicious emails can also host viruses and malware. However, most of the time, users are not aware that they are already installing the malware or the virus into their system. This makes it necessary for the user to safeguard their system through high-quality antivirus programs.

Malware and viruses pose serious threats to your computers and laptops. When it comes to protecting your systems, you want the best security and support. I can offer that security and protection so feel free to get in touch.