27th December 2016

A few tips!

There are many tips and tricks for a computer user to keep on hand. There are system backup tips, programs for virus protection, and keyboard shortcuts. Personal computers, or PCs, are used daily in many households and businesses, so learning how to use them efficiently is a smart thing to do.

One tip is to back up important data. Computers can be used for very important work that can be saved, but things happen that could damage the hard drive. Liquids, overheating, and viruses can all make the hard drive fail. There are a few ways to back up data. USB flash drives are available at most office supply stores for a low cost, and can be carried easily; portable hard drives are also available at office supply stores or online. Another way to back up your data is to upload the files to a website made for storage. Sometimes these websites charge a fee, but this way you can access your files from any computer, and do not have to rely on any one device to keep them working. A good free up to 2GB one is called DropBox.

Keeping a backup of your important files is not the only thing you should do for protection. Viruses are a daily part of PC life, and can affect internet browsers, hard drives, and the general performance of your computer. There are many anti-viruses to choose from, so make sure you do your research before purchasing. Usually with a PC, you will get a free trial, but make sure you have protection after the trial is over. These programs usually require a yearly payment and are downloaded to your PC. There are local IT support specialists like me to help. Don’t pay for anti-virus, talk to me first. I also do a service that can back up your data, do weekly update and virus checks + more!

There are also a few keyboard short cuts that are good to know, to help you remain efficient while using your PC. The most commonly used are Ctrl + C for copy, Ctrl + V to paste what you have copied, and Ctrl + P to print the document that you have open on your screen. Another great keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + ALT + DELETE, this gives you a few options such as log off, change password or lock the computer. Do you need to go to the Task Manager? Just press Shift + ESC. If you press the Window’s logo key + L, then your computer locks, and the display screen comes up.

These are just a few of the tips and tricks to use on your PC. Using these will help keep your computer healthy, and allow you to work swiftly while using iBack u

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